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For Hospital Librarians: Health Information Literacy Survey for Hospital Administrators and Health Care Providers

From the GMR for Hospital Librarians: please encourage your administrators and care providers to complete this survey!

The Medical Library Association (MLA) in cooperation with the American Hospital Association (AHA) Society for Health Care Advocacy (SHCA) has distributed a Web-based Health Information Literacy Survey to hospital administrators and health care providers throughout the country. The survey will help ascertain administrators' and health care providers' awareness and understanding of health information literacy, its value in support of patient care, and the role that librarians and libraries can play in promoting health information literacy.

The survey was developed in collaboration with the National Library of Medicine, TAP Consulting, an outside research firm, and MLA's Health Information Literacy Project Coordinator, Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi. You can best help us by forwarding the link to the survey at https://www.assessimpact.com/MLA/mla.cfm to administrators and health care providers in your hospital, with your encouragement to complete the survey. A non-active copy of the survey is available for your review at http://www.zhost.com/mla/adminLong1.html.

The overall goal of the MLA research project is to increase awareness of health care providers' knowledge of health information literacy issues as well as the NLM tools and resources for increasing health literacy levels that are available to them and their patients. For an overview of the full project, visit

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi at sabrina_kurtz-rossi@comcast.net.


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