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Virtual Book Collection Question for Group

Hello colleagues:

We have been working on evaluating our print book collection at Allina and we are investigating the issues around moving towards a completely virtual book collection.

We have added a significant number of e-books this past year from Rittenhouse (R2Library) and Proquest (myiLibrary), to an already existing collection of e-books, but we are still faced with updating core texts in print or not. I have seen discussion on the HLS-List and Medlib-L, but I wondered what was happening closer to home.

Has anyone moved to a completely electronic e-book collection?
Do you anticipate doing so in the next 3-5 years?
Are there gaps of coverage availability in the medical e-book market that you have noticed?
Are your e-books getting used? What are your usage statistics looking like?
What types of extra promotion have you done or do you think is necessary to get the word out on e-books?

Anything you might want to share on this topic would be appreciated!

Pam Barnard

Pamela Barnard, MSLS, AHIP
Allina Hospitals & Clinics
Library Services
e-mail: pamela.barnard@allina.com
phone: 612-863-3289

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