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Multilingual Enhancement in MedlinePlus!

MedlinePlus has a multilingual feature, providing access to high quality health information in languages other than English and Spanish. This new service benefits people who prefer to read consumer health information in their native language. It also helps the information professionals and health care providers who serve them.

The new collection contains over 2,500 links to information in more than 40 languages and covers nearly 250 Health Topics. Continuous growth is expected.

Users can navigate the new collection of health information in multiple languages either by language or by topic. A page listing all of the languages covered is on the MedlinePlus homepage, in the list on the left side of the page. Users can browse these languages or link to the page listing all of the topics covered.

Also, on individual English language health topics pages, a "languages" box appears on the right side of the page. The languages box lists the languages with links on that topic in MedlinePlus. The languages box also links users to the collection of health information in multiple languages. Users can also search the new collection of health information in multiple languages. Additionally, a new collection called Multiple Languages appears on the MedlinePlus search results pages.

The MedlinePlus collection of health information in multiple languages is not meant to be comprehensive. Instead, as with our English and Spanish collections, MedlinePlus staff selects materials according to our quality guidelines (quality guidelines specific to the new collection are available at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/languages/criteria.html).

As always, NLM welcomes your comments and suggestions about MedlinePlus. A Contact Us link appears at the top of every MedlinePlus page.

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