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From the GMR: Federal Register Notice for Clinical Trials Public Meeting

Attached is a Federal Register Notice announcing a public meeting that NIH is convening on April 20 to solicit input on regulations that will be prepared in the not-too-distant future to implement the clinicaltrials.gov registry and results database and address some open questions that Congress asked us to consider. The notice identifies a number of these topics and requests public comment -- either at the public meeting itself, or as written comments that can be submitted to a public docket that has been established at www.regulations.gov. We'd like to ensure that the broader community of people interested in the availability of clinical trials information are aware of the meeting and the opportunity to comment. Additional information about the meeting, registration, and submission of comments is provided in the Notice and on our website: http://prsinfo.clinicaltrials.gov/publicmeeting-april09.html

Federal Register Notice (PDF): Download file

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