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From the GMR: Journal Donation

The NLM is launching a new program to ensure that its holdings of journals, indexes, and other serials are as complete as possible. Your library can help by donating print volumes that you no longer wish to retain. If you are a DOCLINE library, use the new Web based system at www.nlm.nih.gov/journaldonation/ to find out what NLM needs.

The system is easy to use. All you need is a list of the titles and volumes you are planning to discard. You can search by title words or phrases or by ISSN. The system searches your DOCLINE holdings so titles are retrieved quickly. If NLM does not need any volumes of a title, the system notifies you immediately. If NLM needs volumes, the system displays a list of them, and you just click on the volumes you will donate. For some titles, the system cannot do an automatic check on what volumes are needed. In these cases, the system will ask you to enter the volumes you can donate, and NLM will send you an email when we determine which volumes we need. You submit your offer electronically from the system. You can print your offer or save it to an Excel file. NLM will send an email to confirm receipt of your offer and to provide instructions on how to have NLM pay for shipping.

If you are not a DOCLINE library, please contact us at 301-496-0081 or at NLMJournalDonation@mail.nih.gov to make donations. NLM appreciates your help with this important program.

If you have any questions, please contact me, or NLM by using the phone number or email provided below.

Your DOCLINE Coordinator,
Charniel McDaniels

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