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Problem downloading minutes?

Hello HSLM members,

At the meeting on Friday, several of you mentioned that you weren't able to download the minutes from the November 2008 Board meeting. I double-checked and was able to download them fine here, and it doesn't appear that they reside in our U of M-specific file server (Netfiles) so there shouldn't be any permissions problems.

If you were having problems, could you try again and let me know what error message you're getting, if you're unable to download the PDF? That will help me troubleshoot and hopefully solve the problem. The original blog entry is here: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/lmcguire/hslm/2009/06/hslm_meeting_minutes_from_1120_1.html

Let's put the error messages in the comments feature on the blog, so that people can see each others' answers.



This works! However, the link contained in Lisa's e-mail is slightly different from the one above. Here's the one originally sent out: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/lmcguire/hslm/2009/06/hslm_meeting_minutes_from_1120.html

I still get this error message when I click it: "http 404 not found"

The (correct) link above takes you to this page: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/lmcguire/hslm/2009/06/hslm_meeting_minutes_from_1120_1.html

Does that help?

Thanks, Jim - I heard from Lisa, and there was some extra formatting in the link she originally posted, which was producing the error. She noticed it and fixed it, but the email was pointing people to the older blog entry with the bad link.

So, everything should be good now. Thanks for investigating!


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