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Blog notification test message #3 of 3

THIS IS MESSAGE #3 of 3 IN A SERIES OF TESTS. If you receive this message, then you are able to receive an email notification when something new is posted to the HSLM blog. Read on for more information:

Hello members,

Due to several factors, I'm going to make a change to the way blog notifications are sent out - basically, I'm changing it so that the notifications will come from the HSLM listserv address instead of my email address. This should solve the problem some people are having with blog posting notification messages not getting through.

So, I will be sending a series of three test messages within the next hour or so - the first via the blog to the people currently on the blog notification list, the second one directly to the HSLM listserv, and the third message from the blog to the HSLM list. The third message is the important one - if you don't get message # 3 sometime today, email me directly (evfine@umn.edu) so we figure out where the message is getting held up.

Thanks for your patience! This step should ensure that all HSLM members are getting any relevant messages.


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