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H1N1 Flu Preparedness Information for HSLM Members

Four Things YOU Can Do RIGHT NOW in Preparation for H1N1 Pandemic Flu

1. Memorize 1-800-DEV-ROKS
This is the NN/LM toll-free number (1-800-338-7657) in an easy-to-remember form, ROKS without a "c". It connects to the regional office of the Greater Midwest Region. Call this number when disaster strikes and overwhelms your ability to continue to provide services. The GMR will respond and assist you based on the national NN/LM Plan.

2. Develop and maintain a disaster plan
Even a little preparation, using simplified approaches, can substantially increase your ability to respond and recover from a disaster. For example, have you identified the unique resources you have and where they are located so you know what you must save when recovery time is limited? The NN/LM Emergency Preparedness & Response Toolkit External Link Indicator can help you identify the four key elements of a disaster plan.

3. Identify a back-up library
Develop a relationship with a partner library and create a formal or informal mutual understanding of what will help if disaster strikes. Use the Model MOU/MAA tab on the NN/LM Emergency Preparedness and Response Toolkit External Link Indicator to find sample agreements.

The University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries will help Minnesota colleagues to the extent possible with patient-care emergency literature searches or document delivery requests (within the limits of our various licenses) in the event of pandemic flu. The most effective way to alert us to that need would be through our medref@umn.edu account, with a subject line that begins EMERGENCY REQUEST, or a phone call to our Reference Desk at 612-626-3260 (during normal business hours, 8am-5pm M-F). If there is an extensive research or document delivery need, we could handle that through our fee-based service, InfoNOW (http://www.lib.umn.edu/infonow/)

4. Get to know your GMR Emergency Preparedness Regional Coordinator for Minnesota

For a contact list and description of the coordinator's responsibilities, see NN/LM Greater Midwest Region Emergency Preparedness Regional Coordinator Role Statement PDF file ( 43 kb, rev: Aug 24, 2009).

Paul Elliott Dahl, the Emergency Preparedness Regional Coordinator for Minnesota, may be contacted at 651-201-5092 or by e-mail at paul.dahl@state.mn.us

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