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Leadership in Medical Libraries: Becoming An Everyday Leader

October 5, 2009-November 2, 2009

New self-paced online class...

A joint project of the Medical Library Association, the University of North Texas LE@D program, and Pattern Research, Inc

Learn how to identify and improve your leadership skills, no matter what your current role is in your medical library or institution. Through a series of interactive writing exercises and online group discussions, you will discover how to better identify and overcome barriers to success with staff, colleagues, decision-makers, and your medical library's users. Topics include the differences among leadership, management and professional points of view, the characteristics of everyday leadership, dealing with risk, understanding the big picture, creating and communicating vision, ethical influence, applying leadership in workplace situations, mistakes in leadership, and how to break through self-created glass walls and ceilings.

This is a self-paced, Web-based course approved for continuing education credit by the Medical Library Association. This course is worth 8 contact hours in the areas of Leadership.

Experience Level: Beginning Plus

CE Contact Hours: 8

Professional Competencies: Leadership and Management

Subject: Leadership

Course Type: e-Learning


· This month-long online class has a starting date and ending date, but the time in between is self-paced. The class begins and ends with a live webinar, which will be recorded. If participants are not able to attend the live sessions, we will ask them to view the recorded sessions.

· The online class is divided into chapters, and each chapter has pages where the participant will be directed to post responses to questions and assignments. Each week, you will be asked to read and respond to at least two chapters, in addition to reading and responding to the postings of your classmates. The online discussions will on LinkedIn!

· If you are seeking AHIP credit for the class, you will be required to log in a minimum amount of participation each week to fill the requirements of the class for eight hours of time.

· Complete instructions can be obtained from the instructor, Pat Wagner, pat@pattern.com or 303-778-0880

Course Description and Registration:




Medical Library Association Course Page:


Cost: $100

Questions/Contact: Pat Wagner, Instructor, pat@pattern.com or 303-778-0880


Local Note: Register directly via the link above. While many LE@D classes are available at no cost to WebJunction Minnesota members, this class is considered a Medical Library Association class and is not available via WebJunction or WebJunction Minnesota.

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