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MLA 2011 CE Courses Needing Computer Labs

Hello HSLMers! I've had the following request from Deb Cavanaugh at MLA HQ:

I'm currently working on the schedule of CE courses for MLA '11. We have a few courses that will need an offsite hands-on facility. Ideally we would like something within walking distance of the conference hotel and convention center. I was hoping you could assist us and make some recommendations for the offsites. Name of the facility, location and a contact person would be really helpful. My best estimate is that we will need 3 computer classrooms each day (Friday (May 13), Saturday (14th), Wednesday (18th). Once I hear from you, I will go ahead and contact the facility to make arrangements.

Since Deb prefers within walking distance of the Convention Center, I will provide her with a google map of colleges in the downtown area, but they can also arrange for bus transport if needed. In that case, our library here at Bio-Med has a computer classroom and could accommodate a class on Saturday the 14th, and possibly Friday the 13th and Wednesday the 18th. [Although this is big graduation time at the U, so there will be some congestion in the area, though not at the library]

But are there others among you who might be possibilities on one or more of those dates? As Deb notes, one of our conference planners would make a site visit while here on Sept 22nd to assess suitability for their needs, so I'd like to present her with several options to explore.

Thanks! Linda

Linda Watson, MLS,AHIP,FMLA
Director, Health Sciences Libraries
450B Diehl Hall; 505 Essex St SE
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 55455
612-626-7039 (voice)
612-626-5822 (fax)

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