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From the GMR: More changes to PubMed (NLM Technical Bulletin Update)

Especially for those not subscribed to the NLM Technical Bulletin and who search for drugs and chemicals, there are some important changes coming.

NLM Technical Bulletin, Jul-Aug 2012, A New System of Registry Number Identifiers for Chemicals in the MeSH Database
08/22/2012 12:16 PM EDT

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Substance Registration System (SRS) - Unique Ingredient Identifiers (UNIIs) are being introduced into the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) vocabulary starting with the 2013 MeSH Supplementary Concept Records (SCRs). The UNIIs are an integral part of the FDA Substance Registration System. They appear in several databases such as the Veterans Administration National Drug File Reference Terminology, the USP Dictionary of United States Adopted Names (USAN) and International Drug Names (INN), and the RxNorm database. Each UNII is a unique series of ten characters that includes a check digit to ensure data integrity.

NLM Technical Bulletin, Jul-Aug 2012, Retrieving History of Medicine Citations in MEDLINE/PubMed
08/22/2012 12:15 PM EDT

Searching PubMed for articles relating to the history of medicine has become easier with the introduction of the new PubMed left hand filter sidebar. The filter sidebar allows users to easily select different filters to apply to a PubMed search.

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