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Remembering Sunny Worel

Many of you have already heard about our communities loss of Sunny Worel. I was not fortunate enough to know Sunny, but I know many in HSLM did. Pam Barnard passed this along:

It is with sadness that I mention for anyone not following her journey on Facebook or Caring Bridge (I wasn't following either) or who doesn't read the Star Tribune obituaries, Sunny Worel passed away from colon cancer on July 1. I never worked with Sunny, but she was an inspiration to those of us who strive to have an authentic voice in the varied library work that we all do in different places and in different ways ... I know she had many friends and colleagues at the U of MN, as well as her other places of employ and from her interests. As the entry in her obituary said, she was an original and will be deeply missed by many.


Feel free to leave memories of Sunny in the comments.

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