June 22, 2012

HSLM Officers: 2012-2013

Here are the HSLM officers for 2012-13:

Chair: Wendy Roehlke (
Chair-Elect: Andrew Crow (
Past Chair: Nicole Theis-Mahon (
Secretary: Jacqueline Linn (
Treasurer/Membership: Doreen Roberts (

Program Co-Chairs: Anne Beschnett ( and Amy Claussen (

Blog/Newsletter editor: Lisa McGuire (
GMR Representative: Liz Fine Weinfurter (

June 9, 2010

HSLM Officers for 2010-2011

Here are the HSLM officers for 2010-11:

Chair: Kolleen Olsen
Chair-Elect: Nicole Theis-Mahon
Past Chair: Jennifer Feeken
Secretary: Jim Bulger
Treasurer/Membership Chair: Doreen Roberts

May 21, 2010

HSLM Elections for 2010-11

It's time for the election of officers for the 2010-2011 term, and we are grateful that candidates have stepped up to volunteer their time and talents. Please participate in the election on SurveyMonkey by the end of the day on Tuesday, June 1st. Results will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting on June 4th.

Link to the ballot:


Donna Barbour-Talley - Past President / Nominating Committee
Minneapolis MN
Home: 612/926-9525
Cell: 612/581-1799

March 8, 2010

HSLM Leadership for 2009-10

Here are the officers elected for 2009-10:

Chair: Jennifer Feeken
Chair-Elect: Kolleen Olsen
Secretary: Jim Bulger
Treasurer/Membership Chair: Doreen Roberts

April 16, 2009

Call for HSLM Nominations

HSLM needs a Chair-Elect for the 2009-2010 term - please consider volunteering yourself or nominating a colleague. We need someone to step up and help our state organization move ahead. The election will be held prior to our annual business meeting, scheduled for June 5th. Send your nominations to Chair Emeritus Donna Barbour-Talley (763/520-5675 or ) by April 24th.

September 3, 2008

HSLM Leadership for 08-09

Here are the officers elected/re-elected following the June 2008 Annual Business Meeting:

Chair-elect: Jennifer Feeken
Secretary: Jim Bulger
Treasurer/Membership Chair: Doreen Roberts
Chair: Frances Cockrum (continuing from acting chair-elect)
Past Chair: Donna Barbour-Talley

August 24, 2007

What's Up with Cindy?


Some of you may be asking...what's up with Cindy Gruwell? Well this note is way overdue!

On August 8th I left the University of Minnesota after 13 years. I wanted to test new waters and accepted the position of information literacy librarian at St. Cloud State. This position allows me to work with a wide variety of students and subject areas. I am excited about the challenge and today completes my 2nd week on the job!

As a result of this change and focus in the profession, I decided to step down as the chair with Barbara Talley stepping in to take on the leadership this year rather than next. I am still a member of HSLM and look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming events!

Please feel free to contact me by way of email: or phone: 320-308-1508


July 30, 2007

2007-08 HSLM Board

The HSLM Leadership for 2007-08:

Donna.Barbour-Talley, Chair*
Chair-Elect (currently vacant)
Judy Heeter, Past-Chair
Paul Dahl, Secretary
Doreen Roberts, Treasurer/Membership
Lisa McGuire, Blog/Newsletter editor
Liz Fine, GMR Represenative
Sharon Kambeitz-Lumphrey, Midwest Chapter State Liaison
Melissa Rethlefsen & Anne Mackereth, Program Co-Chairs
Linda Watson, Resource Library Representative

November 6, 2006

2006-07 Leadership

The HSLM Leadership for 2006-07:

Judy Heeter, Chair
Cindy Gruwell, Chair-Elect
Wendy Larson, Past Chair
Paul Dahl, Secretary
Doreen Roberts, Treasurer/Membership
Karla Block, Newsletter editor
Connie Schulz, Consortia Representative
Liz Fine, GMR Representative

June 1, 2006

2005-06 Leadership

HSLM Executive Board, 2005-2006

The Executive Board shall meet at least quarterly for the purpose of assisting the Chair in policy, organization, and acting as a ruling committee. Executive Board meetings are open to all members of the Association.

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