March 16, 2011

Going to MLA in May? Apply for a Free Lunch from Midwest Chapter!

Free lunch! Free lunch!!! The Midwest Chapter/MLA's 2011 "Free Lunch Award" is open for applications! The official name of the lunch is the Chapter Council Presents Sharing Roundtables Luncheon, which will be held during the Medical Library Association Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday, May 15. See for information and application instructions. The deadline for applications is April 4, 2011.

The Roundtable is not just a lunch, but a great learning and networking opportunity as well. You can select one of 30 topics and participate in an informal and lively discussion at your lunch table. The list of topics is located on page 8 of the MLA Meeting Preliminary Program. Additional information on each topic is available on Chapter Council website.

*Applicants must be Midwest Chapter/MLA Members. Not a member? Join here.
*Applicants must be attending the MLA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis AND be pre-registered for the Chapter Council Roundtables. (There are no on-site registrations allowed).
*Tickets are $28 and must be pre-paid by the applicant.
*The two winners will be reimbursed $28 each after the meeting.

Applications must include:
*Name, work or home address and email address or phone number.
*The specific roundtable that was selected.
*A paragraph or two describing "Why I Deserve a Free Lunch." Creativity and conciseness are encouraged! Entries are judged on humor, pathos and/or neediness.

September 13, 2010

Calling All Volunteers for the 2011 Medical Library Association Conference in Minneapolis!

This is a recruitment call for volunteers to help staff and participate in various volunteer activities for the up-coming 2011 Medical Library Association annual conference. The conference will be held in Minneapolis, MN from Friday, May 13th through Wednesday, May 18th at the Convention Center in downtown Minneapolis.

Why volunteer and if so, what types of volunteer jobs are there, you may ask?
For MLA members, this is a way to give back to your profession, opportunity to network with colleagues and an activity to add to your CV or annual performance appraisal (you also get to add a volunteer ribbon to your conference badge).

For non-MLA members (non-professional staff included), if you have never been to a national conference, or to a Medical Library Association Conference or it has just been awhile since you have attended a large conference, this is an excellent opportunity to do so with very little cost. For every four hours of volunteering, a non-MLA member receives a free one-day registration pass to the conference. This includes entry to keynote speakers, paper and poster sessions and the exhibit hall (get your fill of pens, pencils, notepads and other freebies!), but does not include lunches or receptions. The more hours you volunteer, the more days you can attend -- you get pick which days you go. Also, for those who elect to do their volunteering by being part of the conference bag stuffing brigade, a free lunch is included.

Potential volunteer activities include a 3-5 hour stretch stuffing conference bags on the Thursday afternoon before the official opening of the conference; manning the hospitality booth (show off your home town!) and monitoring the members resource room and placement center (good place to catch up on some reading or lap-top work).

Below is a link to a form for you to fill out. Later this spring you will get greater details about actual volunteer schedules, times, places and dates.

Click here to fill out the MLA Volunteer Form.

Thanks in advance to all who elect to participate in this exciting opportunity,

Katherine Chew
Volunteer Assistance Subcommittee for the 2011 Medical Library Association Annual Conference

September 3, 2010

MLA 2011 CE Courses Needing Computer Labs

Hello HSLMers! I've had the following request from Deb Cavanaugh at MLA HQ:

I'm currently working on the schedule of CE courses for MLA '11. We have a few courses that will need an offsite hands-on facility. Ideally we would like something within walking distance of the conference hotel and convention center. I was hoping you could assist us and make some recommendations for the offsites. Name of the facility, location and a contact person would be really helpful. My best estimate is that we will need 3 computer classrooms each day (Friday (May 13), Saturday (14th), Wednesday (18th). Once I hear from you, I will go ahead and contact the facility to make arrangements.

Since Deb prefers within walking distance of the Convention Center, I will provide her with a google map of colleges in the downtown area, but they can also arrange for bus transport if needed. In that case, our library here at Bio-Med has a computer classroom and could accommodate a class on Saturday the 14th, and possibly Friday the 13th and Wednesday the 18th. [Although this is big graduation time at the U, so there will be some congestion in the area, though not at the library]

But are there others among you who might be possibilities on one or more of those dates? As Deb notes, one of our conference planners would make a site visit while here on Sept 22nd to assess suitability for their needs, so I'd like to present her with several options to explore.

Thanks! Linda

Linda Watson, MLS,AHIP,FMLA
Director, Health Sciences Libraries
450B Diehl Hall; 505 Essex St SE
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 55455
612-626-7039 (voice)
612-626-5822 (fax)

August 10, 2010

MLA 2011 Volunteer Opportunity: Co-Chair for Hospitality Information Booth

Hello All. Hope your summers are going well. You've seen the recent news that Wendy Larson will be leaving Minnesota in September, heading for Virginia with her family. We will miss you, Wendy!

Wendy had volunteered to be the co-chair for the Hospitality Information Booth Subcommittee for the Medical Library Association May 2011 meeting here in Minneapolis, and has asked to relinquish that responsibility. So, I'm putting out a call for someone to take on that role. The Local Assistance Committee co-chairs and subcommittee chairs will be meeting at the Convention Center on September 22nd, so it would be good to have someone in place by that time to join us in the planning, and to get familiar with the layout. I've included the description of duties below, but these might be altered somewhat (to be less work) since the Convention Center has a staffed information booth right there on site. These are the kinds of details to work out on September 22nd. So, any volunteers? Thanks, Linda Watson

Hospitality Information Booth Subcommittee:
(schedule ready by March 2011)
Coordinates with Volunteer Assistance Subcommittee (Katherine Chew, co-chair) to identify hospitality booth volunteers. Manages booth setup and volunteers at the booth. The booth is generally staffed the same hours as the MLA registration area. Usually there are 2-4 persons for each four-hour shift with 2-3 shifts per day. By March 1 the chair should confirm operating hours and volunteer schedule with the HQ staff liaison (Ray Naegele).

The booth serves attendees as a source of information for:
• conference program facts and changes
• available conference services, e.g., placement, member resource room
• emergency services, e.g., nearby hospital and fire department
• metropolitan transportation
• restaurant suggestions
• dine arounds
• entertainment information
• religious service information
• other information, as may be necessary in a particular city
• guide to libraries

March 22, 2010

"Think Minnesotan" gifts needed for MLA 2010 annual meeting

The Medical Library Association annual meeting will be held in Minneapolis in May 2011. To promote the Minneapolis meeting, and Minnesota, with attendees at the MLA '10 annual meeting in Washington DC, there will be raffle drawings for small gifts related to Minnesota. The Local Planning Committee for the Minneapolis meeting is soliciting donations for the raffles. Does your institution (or do you personally) have items that are "Minnesotan" that you would be willing to donate? Suggestions include, but are not limited to, books, trinkets, pictures. Be creative!

Please contact Kolleen Olsen,, or Eileen Stanley,, if you have items to donate or if you have questions. If you are attending the MLA webcast at the Bio-Medical Library on March 24, you may bring your donations with you.

Thanks for your help in promoting Minnesota and MLA "11 in Minneapolis.

Kolleen Olsen, MLIS
Manager, Medical Library
University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview
2450 Riverside Ave
Minneapolis MN 55454