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Public Health Grand Rounds - Tobacco Prevention and Control: Using Evidence Based Strategies to Save Lives and Resources

Public Health Grand Rounds Goal

This program will seek to increase awareness of the value and the process involved in utilizing evidence based resources to prevent and control the use of tobacco.


Describe two current trends in building sustainable local efforts to prevent and control tobacco use. Identify three evidence based interventions recommended by the Community Guide for tobacco prevention and control Identify three reasons to use the Community Guide as a primary source for evidence based public health practice. Identify two strategies for integrating evidence based resources into existing tobacco control and prevention efforts.

Target Audience

Public health leaders and professionals from local and state government agencies, policy makers, purchasers of health care, physicians, community-based health organizations, academic institutions, federal agencies and others who seek to learn more about the value of using evidence based strategies to improve tobacco prevention and control.

A National Satellite Broadcast and Webcast
May 21, 2004 3:00 - 4:00pm CST

Website: http://www.publichealthgrandrounds.unc.edu/index.htm