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Breastfeeding 'cuts heart risk'

11.07AM, Fri May 14 2004

Babies who are breastfed will be less likely to suffer from heart disease later in life, a study has revealed.

Research carried out over a 20-year period showed those fed on breast milk grew more slowly than those on formula.

And the report revealed that babies who grow fast - regardless of their weight at birth - are at a higher risk of heart disease and strokes in adulthood.

The study, published in The Lancet, examined 216 teenagers aged between 13 and 16 who were given either breast milk or formula as babies in the early 80s.

Scientists assessed levels of cholesterol as well as evidence of the c-reactive protein (CRP) which - when found in high concentrations - is linked with atherosclerosis, an arterial disease.

Article: http://www.itv.com/news/498029.html


New studies (since the moment of publication of this news) proved that a good alimentation can significantly reduce the c-reactive protein level in blood. It is also possible to be tested for crp with a high sensibility c-reactive protein test (hs-crp) for approx. 20$. The test has do be done by a healthcare provider.