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Africa: Simplified, High-Quality Public Health Initiatives Needed

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
July 13, 2004
Posted to the web July 13, 2004

WHO has called for three million on AIDS treament by 2005

Innovative community-based public health initiatives are needed to enable the rapid rollout of HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa, the World Health Organisation (WHO) director of HIV/AIDS, Jim Yong Kim, told PlusNews on Tuesday.

To reach WHO's '3 by 5' goal (three million people on treatment by 2005) "simplified, high- quality public health initiatives are needed", Kim said at the 15th International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. "There needs to be an attitude of learning by doing."

The 3 by 5 initiative, launched by WHO in 2003, was a strategy to "energise" what has been a painfully slow rollout of antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, said Kim. Over 4 million people are in need of life-prolonging drugs in Africa, but less than 5 percent are receiving it in a continent

Article: http://allafrica.com/stories/printable/200407130694.html