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"Hospitals on wheels" to offer farmers health care"

BEIJING, Aug 2 (Xinhuanet) -- Most counties in central and western China will soon have mobile hospitals to ensure basic health care for poverty-stricken rural residents.

The central government has equipped counties in the region with 1,004 coaches to provide door-to-door health care for farmers, reported Monday's China Daily.

The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Health have invested 230 million yuan (US$27.7 million) in the programme.

Article from China View


Bad/non-existent roads, lack of means of (reliable/quick)transportation are precluding a very large proportion of rural populations in developing/poor countries in accessing health care

Full fledged hopitals providing out patient treatments (and minor surgeries requiring not more than one day post operative care) are the requirement of the day for large populations living in rural areas in developing/poor countries.

I would like know if any such initiative has been taken in countries around the world.