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Who calls for better research

BY MICHAEL O BOYLE/The Herald Mexico
El Universal
Jueves 18 de noviembre de 2004
Nuestro mundo, página 1

While spending on health has tripled over the last 20 years, poor countries are not reaping the benefits, experts warn.

Poorly managed health systems and the lack of skilled professionals are undercutting international efforts to fund better health care in developing nations, a top health official said Wednesday.
"We need to wake up to these problems," said World Health Organization (WHO)Assistant Director General Tim Evans in an interview on the sidelines of an international conference in Mexico City. "Health systems are a binding constraint on progress."

Dozens of health ministers, officials from 55 countries and hundreds of researches and representatives of aid organizations are gathered here through Saturday for two parallel conferences on improving health research.

Evans said it was the first time ministers had gathered expressly to discuss health research at a summit.

El Universal (The Herald)


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