The Polio Epidemic in Nigeria: a Public Health Emergency (2)

Vanguard (Lagos)
August 4, 2004
Posted to the web August 4, 2004

By Chidi Achebe

All parties involved in the polio eradication exercise should work together for the sake of the children and posterity

Solutions/strategies: The vaccine campaign

NIGERIA must embark upon an aggressive, vigorous and sustained immunisation campaign to cover not just the vulnerable in Kano and surrounding states, but children and all others at risk throughout the country. This effort will require significant financial assistance and political commitment from the Federal Government of Nigeria. In particular, the local leadership must show as much zeal in restarting the vaccination campaign as it showed in bringing it to a halt.

Subpopulations that must also receive vaccinations are travellers to areas or countries where poliomyelitis is or may be epidemic or endemic; laboratory and health care workers handling specimens or who come in close contact with patients that may be excreting the virus; unvaccinated adults whose children will be receiving OPV (the oral form of the vaccine that contains attenuated polio virus); unvaccinated adults and incompletely vaccinated adults in epidemic and endemic areas of Nigeria, should also receive polio vaccination preferably IPV (the inactivated Polio vaccine). Other groups that need to be covered by the vaccination campaign include pregnant women; household contact of persons with immunodeficiency diseases; patients with altered immune states; patients with immunosuppression due to therapy for other diseases or known HIV infection. All these patients in this latter group should receive IPV.

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