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11:30 - 1:00

Breeze Presentations and Web-Conferencing
Marshall Hoff, AHC Office of Education

Learn how you can deliver presentations or teach a class to participants at distant sites either live or via stored files on the Web.

The Learning Commons is on the 5th Floor of Diehl Hall

For more information visit the web site at:

Upcoming Bio-Med Library Classes


Are you aiming to update and improve a variety of research skills?

Well come and join us for a variety of instructional classes which focus on answering your questions and keeping you current.

Coming soon...

7/13 PDAs and Handhelds in Clinical Practice
7/17 PowerPoint: Beyond the Basics
7/23 PubMed: Special Features
7/29 OVID vs. PubMed

For registration and additional information visit our instruction webpage or give the reference desk a call at: x63260

All classes are free for U of M students, faculty, and staff.

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