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New Resource for Community-Engaged Research is a new, online resource for sharing and disseminating health-related, community-engaged scholarship. This effort is led by Cathy Jordan. Ms. Jordan is the director of the Children, Youth, and Family Consortium here at the University.

Here's some information from their web site on why was created:

Peer-reviewed journal articles are essential for communicating the results of scholarship to academic audiences, but they are not sufficient and are often not the most important mechanism for disseminating the results of community-engaged scholarship (CES) - scholarship that is developed in partnership with communities. Service-learning, community-based participatory research and other community-engaged activities require diverse pathways and products for dissemination in order to reach and benefit community members, practitioners and policy makers. These products include, for example, training manuals, policy briefs, presentations, instructional DVDs and online curricula.

Products of CES that are in forms other than journal articles are usually not peer-reviewed, published or disseminated widely. As a result, they are often perceived by faculty review, promotion and tenure committees as being of less importance, quality, credibility and value. Further, they are rarely seen and used beyond the community with which the engaged work was conducted. Without ready access to these products, community members, practitioners and policy makers are often left to "reinvent the wheel." is designed to fill this gap!

Public Health Grand Rounds

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Public Health Grand Rounds is a series of satellite broadcasts and webcasts presenting real-world case studies on public health issues ranging from obesity to bioterrorism, from SARS to food safety.

Our next program will be Antimicrobial Resistance on April 8, 2005. Beginning February 28, site facilitators will be able to register their sites for the program. Participant registration will open on March 7, and you will be able to register to view the upcoming program at a satellite downlink location near you, or from your own desk via webcast. In the meantime, you can view webcasts of our archived programs.

Site Located at:

Official Thai Tsunami Information Center

"Thailand is one of the countries that faced Tsunami natural disaster on 26 December 2004. This event has caused great loss to the injured, the lost, and the dead. In order to keep the reporting up to the minute, both private organizations and public sectors have collaboratively established the “Official Thai Tsunami Information Centre”, at which to consolidate information from all related units. The data network system has also been set up to provide victims’ relatives and other organizations with the fast, correct and accurate information. This centre will also be the information desk for the lost and properties of the victims."

Official Tha Tsunami Information Center

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