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Library Course Pages (LCPs) are dynamically created web sites available for each course on the Twin Cities campus. Content is selected and organized by librarians in consultation with faculty that provide students with easy linkages to popular resources useful for their course discipline.

Here is an example of a Library Course Page that I maintain for Kristin Anderson's PubH 6387 Cancer Epidemiology class:

LCPs are meant to work as a hub for library resources and can be linked to a Moodle site or class blog. Beginning this fall, all U of M-TC students will see a LCP in their myCourses tab in the myU portal. If you would like a customized LCP for your fall course, or if you have other questions about this, please contact Lisa McGuire, liaison librarian for SPH at:

New!: Public Health Information and Data Tutorial

Public Health Information and Data Tutorial
provides instruction for members of the public health workforce on
issues related to information access and management. This tutorial is
based on Public Health Information and Data: A Training Manual.
There are no copyright restrictions on the contents of this tutorial or
the training manual, and users are free to adapt or duplicate any

The contributors and
authors of this tutorialís content represent city, county, state and
federal agencies. They establish clear connections to recognized
competencies in public health and provide examples representing much of
the diversity inherent in the practice of public health.

Start Here:

(This item has also been added to the Public Health Research Quickstart Page)

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