Leadership- Week 2!

Hi again! I apologize for writing this so close to the deadline but I just got home from the airport.. I have been on vacation in Florida and Arizona for the past 2 1/2 weeks.

Some thoughts about Leadership. There are all kinds of leaders in the world. There are verbal leaders and leaders-by-example. In every person there are certain qualities that make them great. These traits, such as being a competitor or being an intellectual, help separate and define individuals. Anyone can be a leader, they just need to know how to utilize their strengths and realize that it's the differences in each person that can make a group stronger as a whole.

Post Numero Uno

Hi all! As you may know, I am Katie Loberg. I'm writing this wonderful blog for my EDPA 1301 class and will be making weekly postings until mid-August-----so be excited!

Before I begin reading the Leadership book I purchased for this course I want to make my first post. This way, I will potentially have more thoughts of what leadership is to build upon.

Ok, so here it goes! When I think of leadership, or of a leader, I think of someone who is helping a person/(s) do something that they want to do but have no idea how it can be done without this so-named "leader". Now, how this leader is deemed a leader can come about in many different ways. Here's just a few that come to mind.

One. They can be given the title of a leader.

Two. They can take the position of a leader because no one else is stepping forward.

Three. A combination of the two other ways above.

Now here's my issue with the first way. If a person is given the title or a position of leadership, sometimes that title may not be earned or given to the correct person. Just because someone has the title, "Leader", doesn't mean they know a thing about how to lead. They must not only know a little something about what they need to accomplish, but they must also have a passion or determination to achieve this goal. This leads me to my next point--someone who takes the position of a leader when no one else wants the challenge.

Someone who is able to step up and take on a challenge must obviously care about this mission they want to complete otherwise they wouldn't be risking it all to do so. In this case, there may be an appointed leader that just isn't quite cutting it. The person who steps up notices that weakness and takes charge. I really hope this is making sense because I just have so many thoughts about this topic and don't quite know how to let them all spill out onto the keyboard..

Anyway, the last way someone can be deemed a leader is if they are given the title and are able to uphold it because they have a passion and commitment for achieving their goal. This type of leader is truly compelled and people should love to follow someone like this. They are a motivator for all that are in their presence and may also make the work or task at hand fun!

Well, that's about it for now. Hope this works! :)

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