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Researchers in Brooklyn work on editing unwanted memories

The New York Times said Sunday, researchers in Brooklyn are researching an experimental drug delivered to areas of the brain critical for holding specific types of memory, like emotional associations, spatial knowledge or motor skills. So far, the research has only been done on animals. According to the Times, scientists would be able to make you forget a chronic fear, a traumatic loss, or even a bad habit. They said that nueroscience is becoming more prevalent, The National Institutes of Health last year spent $5.2 billion,on brain-related projects, the Society for Neuroscience told The New York Times. “This possibility of memory editing has enormous possibilities and raises huge ethical issues,” said Dr. Steven E. Hyman, a neurobiologist at Harvard said. Researchers have already tried to soften painful memories and addictive urges using existing drugs but blocking PKMzeta could potentially be far more effective. PKMzeta is the chemical in the brain that erupts when one cell stimulates another, and this is the area of the brain that researchers are experimenting delivering drugs to.