Blog Prompt 9/15/11

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I believe that I consume my media in both a hegemonic and counter hegemonic way; I mostly think this because my personality tends to go along with the dominant. I often don't know how to verbalize what I believe in or really know what I believe in. I want someone to tell me what is right and what is wrong, I want someone to kind of guide me thru life. I want to fit in sort of speak. So when it comes to media I either don't form an opinion or go along with the opinion that is at hand.
One form of media that I focus on are gay characters in television and how they are portrayed. I see most of the time a gay character will be what is considered masculine, well dressed, fit and very good looking. This to me shows that to be acceptable in the world gay men have to act like what the media shows as a real man. Also gay characters that are portrayed this way are taken more series; they are not a joke or ridiculed for the way they are acting. At the same token I see gay men being portrayed complete opposite. They are what people say "flaming", over dramatic, energized, bitchy, queens or over sensitive. These characters most of the time are put in the show to be funny, they're not taken seriously most of the time and tend to have a lot of attention drawn to them. Seeing these two different sides make me focus on these types of men in the community. I tend to think there are one or the other and no in between. I know there are many different types of gay men out there, but when media only shows two sides, it make me think that's what everyone else is thinking. I see shows like 'Desperate Housewives', 'Modern Family', and 'Will and Grace' that have two gay characters, whether they are friends or in a relationship, and each one takes on one of these identities. 'Will and Grace', you had Will who was a lawyer, well educated and most of the time under control, where as Jack was over dramatic, butt of all the jokes and not taken seriously. Same with 'Modern Family', Mitch is a lawyer and Cam is a stay at home dad. Again with 'Desperate Housewives' Bob is lawyer and Lee does realty and he is a lot more flamboyant. There rarely is a show that will have two of the same identities.
The ideologies of these gay characters represent how gay men should or shouldn't act in order to be accepted or be taken seriously. Why not have men on a show and be gay that don't need to fit one stereotype. Have a neutral gay character that neither draws too much attention or not enough. Involve the gay character in the show not because he is gay but because of whom he is as a person. Society wants to accept homosexuality but how can the majority of people whom disagree, which only see these figures in public accept what is just reinforcing their beliefs.

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