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Car Bomb in Syria Kills 17

A car bomb in Damascus, Syria left 17 civilians dead and wounded at least 14 more went off Saturday morning. The bombing was near a Shia shrine where Shiite pilgrims from across the region visit each year to pray at the tomb of Zeinab, granddaughter of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, according to the Ottawacitizen.com article.

The car bombing was the worst the worst attack in Syria since the 1980's. The bomb itself was believed to have contained more than 400 pounds of explosives according to the New York Times article. NYT went on to say that the bomb went off at approximately 8:45 a.m. in a crowded intersection near the Shia shrine.

The Ottawa Citizen.com article was very short. It gave the basic fact about the car bomb killing 17 and wounding 14 others. It did not go into any depth other than that.

The NYT article went very deep into the background of the story. The article talked about previous bombings and other problems between Syria and Israel. The article also talked about how the bomb actually may have been targeted for a nearby intelligence agency. The building was one of Syria's highly secretive security services according to the article. This article went much further into this story and ended up giving the reader more information on the story. It made the story that much more interesting by knowing other factors involved in the bombing.