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Controversal $700 Billion Bailout

The Bush administration has proposed a $700 billion bailout of "distressed mortgage-related assets from the private firms," said the New York Times article. The money would go towards helping get rid of the debts on Wall Street.

The New York Times article goes on to talk about what is going to happen with the money and how U.S. taxpayers were going to be the ones also adding to the amount. It never really got into why people were upset with the bailout.

The Chicago Tribune article talked about why both the Republicans and Democrats were upset with adding more money to the national debt amount, which will now be $11.3 trillion. The entire article is people speaking out against the bailout and how it will affect the nation. It is a very negatively steered piece against the bailout. It seems as if the author wants the reader to agree with him and only shows the one side of the actual story.