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Friday's Debate Really a Draw?

Friday's first Presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, which took place in Mississippi, was concluded to be a draw by many.

According to the New York Times article, there was no clear winner after the debate concluded. The MinnPost.com article agreed that the debate was pretty much a draw except for one of the local debate experts who gave Obama a slight edge.

The New York Times article went into depth about things that each campaign parties did after the debate had ended to point out potential flaws from the other side. For instance, the article talked about McCain not using the term "middle-class" or "working class" throughout the entire debate. Obama was said to have agreed with his opponent's positions far too much.

The article also talked about what the candidates did after leaving Mississippi and the next stages of the election campaign for each, like upcoming debates between the vice-presidential candidates and new ads for their party's election process.

The MinnPost.com article focused only on the debate itself and how each candidate performed. The article had each of the three local debate experts give their opinions on how McCain did, how Obama did, each candidate's usage of body language, and their overall opinion of the entire debate. This worked well for the article because it gave readers a chance to see how an expert analyzed the debate.

Both articles gave good information that made the analysis of the debate fun and interesting to read.