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Abducted Boy Returns Home

6-year-old Cole Puffinburger of Las Vegas was returned home Saturday night after being abducted on Wednesday at gunpoint. Three men posing as police officers had stormed Cole's mother's house and held Cole, his mother, and his mother's boyfriend at gunpoint while demanding money. When Cole's mother did not give them money, the three men took Cole.

The reasoning for the three men demanding money is believed to be in response of Cole's grandfather allegedly stealing millions of dollars from them in a drug deal, according to the MSNBC article.

Cole was discovered by someone who called the police saying that they saw a young boy walking on the sidewalk around 10:30 PM on Saturday night. According to the New York Times article, Colin returned home in extremely good condition. He was taking to the local hospital for check-up tests, but everything seemed to be just fine.

The NYT article is a filled with good background information as is the MSNBC article. However, the MSNBC article goes a little more in-depth on how Cole's father reacted to Cole returning home safe and what is going to take place in regards with Cole's grandfather who is believed to be the reason Cole was taken.

Overall, both are solid articles, but the MSNBC has a little bit more information for the reader to learn more about the situation.