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Oscar Winner's Mother and Brother Dead

Jennifer Hudson, an Oscar Winning actress and singer, lost her mother and brother in a shooting on the south side of Chicago Friday. Hudson's 7-year-old nephew is also missing from the scene.

According to the CNN article, Hudson's mother was found dead around 3 PM Friday in the living room of her house while Hudson's brother was later found in a bedroom. Authorities have issued an Amber Alert for Hudson's missing nephew.

Even after Hudson's success, her mother refused to move out of the questionable neighborhood that she lived in on the south side of Chicago said the CBS News article. Also, the neighbors of Hudson's mother did not report when they heard the gun shots to authorities.

Both articles are good background articles. The give the necessary information for the reader to get a good understanding of what took place and exactly who is involved.

The CNN article was a little short, however. It was almost like a press release from the Associated Press. The CBS News article had the same background information as the CNN article, but they took the newsworthy angle of trying to help find Hudson's missing nephew. The article went into detail on where authorities have already searched for him and all of his information as a personal sketch.

I think that both articles are good ones that just use different newsworthy angles to get the story across to the readers.