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Possible Violation of 1st Amendment

On Friday, New York teachers in the nation's biggest public schools system sued the city of New York over the recent ban of wearing political buttons in school. The teachers say that the ban is a violation of free speech.

According to the New York Times article, the lawsuit came nearly two weeks after the Department of Education sent a memo to principals directing them to enforce the longstanding regulation, which requires that all school staff members show complete neutrality while on duty. Later on in the article, the president of the teachers' union said that this rule has been in place for almost 20 years and has very rarely been enforced. He went on to say that teachers have been wearing campaign buttons routinely.

The New York Times article goes very in-depth on the topic. It gives interviews from both the teachers' union and the lawmakers. This is a good way to tell a story without showing your personal bias.

The Public Opinion Online article was very similar to the NYT article at the beginning. Both showed background information on the subject. After that was talked about however, the Public Opinion Online article went on to show other instances where teachers were asked to not participate in political rallies or other ways to show their political preference. There were numerous other examples of when higher-ups had asked teachers to show political neutrality.

This is good to show to support a point, but they didn't need to include as many as they did. It would have been nice to have interviews from both sides of the story to help further the story.