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St. Paul Man to Sue Police

A St. Paul activist, who's duplex was raided prior to the Republican National Convention, is filing a federal lawsuit against the city of St. Paul.

Mike Whalen, a 60-year-old owner of the duplex that was raided, claimed that the police came to his duplex with weapons and completely surrounded the premises and ordered the occupants to let them in, according to the Pioneer Press article.

According to the Star Tribune article, the police just waited around the property while waiting for a search warrant to be delivered. When the search warrant finally arrived, the occupants of the duplex were all handcuffed and taken into the backyard.

While the occupants were in the backyard, the police searched the house for explosives that were supposedly delivered in boxes. According to the Pioneer Press article, the boxes ended up being filled with vegan literature.

Both the Pioneer Press article and the Star Tribune article are solid background pieces. Each have information in it that lets the reader understand what is taking place and why it is happening. Both stories include different information, however, that gives you different facts about what is taking place. For instance, the Star Trib talks about how much Whalen is suing the city for while the Pioneer Press keeps that out. The Pioneer Press talks about how Whalen wasn't the probable suspect and that a group staying in his other part of the duplex was. Both have good background information, but both could be better if they would include all of the information of the story.