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Teenage Sex Boom in Chile

Once considered one of Latin America's most sexually conservative countries, Chile is now in the midst of a teenage sexual rebellion. Teenage boys and girl aging from 14-18 are now using the technological advances in the country, such as the internet and cell phones, to explore their boundaries according to the New York Times article.

the NYT goes on to talk about how the sexual eruption could be an effect of the growing industry for clubs and parties that promote to people who are 18-and-under.

“There is much more of a rebellious spirit among young people today. There is much more freedom to explore everything," said a 17-year-old teenage boy at a party. The teenagers are obviously trying to shed their countries' past reputation and take their own freedom into their own hands.

The Allvoices.com article was a short piece that honestly could have been used as a summary of the NYT article. It gave good info, but it could have expanded more on everything that was mentioned. It left me asking questions of "why" and "what else happened" after finishing it.

The New York Times article was muc more in-depth. It expanded on certain things such as how the internet and cell phones are possibly contributing to the rebellion and what the scene of a typical teenage party is like. I felt very informed after reading and had a better understanding of what really took place.