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US to Leave Iraq by 2011?

Iraq wants a guaranteed plan from the United States about how the U.S. will pull out all troops by 2011. According to the MSNBC article, a proposed security agreement is now under negotiation between the prime minister of Iraq and President Bush, and has been for months now.

As of right now, the agreement is to have U.S. soldiers leave Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011, unless the government asks them to stay to help with training or other missions. However, a member of the prime minister's inner circle said the government wants that possibility removed, according to the MSNBC article.

According to the Washington Independent article, Iraqi officials are extremely tired of this on-going process. The Iraqi ambassador to the U.S. said “All Iraqi officials I’ve talked to are worn out by this, not only because of negotiators on the Iraqi side [feeling frustrated with the U.S.], but also by internal Iraqi negotiations. You cannot underestimate the complications to the SOFA created by internal Iraqi political dynamics.?

Both articles are very good ones. They both cover the background information of the story while going in-depth with interviews with officials that are involved from both sides. This is good because it shows that the articles are very unbiased and is able to portray both sides of the story.