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High School Killed by Friend on Accident

Friday night, Fridley High School football star, Emmanuel Bartuoh was shot and killed on an accidental shooting in his house. Bartuoh's friend, Samuel Keleih Dennis, a 20-year-old graduate of Fridley High, was booked into the Anoka County Jail on suspicion of second-degree manslaughter after he pointed a semi-automatic gun he didn't know was loaded at his friend, Bartuoh, and pulled the trigger, authorities said.

According to the TwinCities.com article, Dennis was unframiliar on how to operate the semi-automatic gun. At some point, Dennis pulled out a gun and showed it to Bartuoh. Unfamiliar with how to operate a semi-automatic, he pulled the slide back, ejecting a round, authorities said. He mistakenly thought the firearm was unloaded. He then pointed the gun at Bartuoh and pulled the trigger.

According to the Star Tribune article, when police and paramedics arrived at the Rice Creek Townhomes in Fridley on Friday, they found a sobbing and blood-soaked Samuel Keleih Dennis, 20, who said he had tried in vain to revive his longtime friend after pulling the trigger on a gun he thought was unloaded.

Both articles are good ones that are full of similar facts to tell the story of what exactly happened. Both articles included necessary facts, such as what happened, what the scene was like when officials arrived, and background information on Bartuoh. Overll, they were both very good articles.