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Obama's New National Security Adviser

President-elect Barack Obama has chosen who his national security adviser in his cabinet will be once he enters office in January. James L. Jones is a marine with 40 years of experience, including four years as Marine Corps Commandant, and he spent three years as NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and as Commander of the United States European Command. He's chaired the Congressional Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraq and been a special envoy to the Middle East, negotiating for peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.

According to the New York Times article, Jones was among a mostly Republican crowd watching a presidential debate in October when Barack Obama casually mentioned that he got a lot of his advice on foreign policy from General Jones. This is when the idea of having Jones as a possible national security adviser first came public. Jones will not talk about his political stance, so to determine if he is Democratic or Republican is still yet to be seen.

According to the Daily Green article, Jones differs very drastically from Obama on many energy problems in the nation. Jones has even gone on record as saying that he seems to embrace the McCain "all of the above" approach, with a dose of Obama's call for increased energy efficiency:

Both articles take very different angles on this story. The New York Times article is much more standard. It talks about Jones being selected and reasoning of why Obama would do so. The Daily Green article goes on to talk about how Jones would be a better fit in McCain's party instead of Obama's because Jones isn't seen to be as green as a typical Democrat.

Both articles are very interesting and give interesting spins on the same topic.