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Same Offense, Different Result

A man shot and killed by Brooklyn Park police Tuesday night had been threatening his live-in girlfriend, who had locked herself in the bathroom with a phone and was calling for help. Eric Kirk Kolski, 45, was shot twice by two officers shortly before 7 p.m. at his home in the 10600 block of Winnetka Avenue N in the northern part of Brooklyn Park.

According to the Star Tribune article, this was not the first time that police have had to come to the house to answer a call from Kolski's long-time girlfriend on domestic charges. The couple has owned the home since 1988. In that time, Kolski had been arrested three times for domestic assault. The most recent case had a pending court date next month.

According to the MNSUN.com article, Kolski's girlfriend had locked herself in the bathroom, and after several minutes of negotiations police officers forced entry into the home when she called authorities back and said the man was trying to get in the bathroom with the gun. Shortly after is when Kolski was shot twice by the police and was killed.

Both articles are very similar. They even share many of the same quotes from the Brooklyn Park police. Along with sharing the quotes, many of the vital facts of what took place are very similar. Overall, both are good articles