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Wildfires in California... Again

Wildfires in the Los Angeles broke out this weekend and have put many in danger. So far, 165 homes have been destroyed and over 10,000 people have been ordered to immediately evacuate the area.

According to the CBCnews.com article, the fires have covered more than 10 square kilometers. The mayor of Sylmar, Antonio Villaraigosa, signed a local emergency order just before 8 a.m. PT Saturday. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger later issued a state emergency declaration.

According to the New York Times article, the wildfires were spread so quickly due to strong winds with gusts up to 70 miles an hour and have damaged 100 other houses besides the 65 that were completely destroyed. The article also stated that the area's electric power supply was in great danger because of the fires and winds knocking down vital power lines.

The two articles differ a lot even though both are full of numerous facts to support the story. The New York Times article said that the fires started on Thursday night while the CBCnews.com article said that the fires broke out late Friday night. Also, the CBCnews.com article said that only over 5,400 people have been ordered to evacuate their homes while the New York Times article said over 10,000.

This seems very odd to me that these crucial facts are so different in each story. Both articles were written today (Saturday), so they both have availability to the correct statistics on the fires. I don't understand why these numbers differ so much because of this. If one of the articles was done earlier, I could see why the numbers differ so much, but this isn't the case.

This leads me to believe that even though both articles are solid background articles that cover the entire story with quotes and statistics, I can't say either article is of any value because of the discrepancy between the statistics. I simply don't know which one to believe.