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Shattuck Teacher Shoots Himself

Friday night, Shattuck St. Mary's teacher Len Jones, 34, shot and killed himself in his faculty apartment around 9 PM. No one witnessed the shooting, but several boys in grades seven through nine were in the residence hall and heard the shot. They were quickly taken to another area of the school as adults rushed to help Jones

According to the Star Tribune article, Jones was a well-liked history teacher and lacrosse coach who "brought a Southern flair" to things. He wore loafers without socks well into winter and bow ties to class. He also had good rapport with the students, Amy Wolf, a spokeswoman for the school of about 400 middle- and high school students.

According to the FortMillTimes.com article, Jones immediately instituted his southern flair on things when he came to the school about six years ago from South Carolina.

Both articles give a good depiction of what took place. However, the FortMillTimes.com article was only a few grafs long. It was just a brief summary of what took place and a statement from the school. The Star Tribune article was much more in-depth. It talked about Jones and how good of a teacher he was and how much of a shock this was from the school and everyone else who knew Jones.

Overall, the Star Tribune article was a much better article.