December 13, 2008

Sam's Club Hit-And-Run

A man accused of running down and killing a woman in front of a Bloomington store had a blood-alcohol level that was more than five times the legal limit, according to charges filed Friday. Anthony Phillip LaSalle, 36, was charged with third-degree murder and three counts of criminal vehicular homicide. His blood-alcohol level was 0.41 percent, according to the charges. The legal limit in Minnesota is 0.08 percent.

According to the article, police said 66-year-old LuAnn Marie Johnson, of Burnsville, was with her husband when she was struck in the crosswalk outside the store, located at 200 West American Boulevard, around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Paramedics rushed Johnson to Hennepin County Medical Center where she died.

According to the Star Tribune article, LaSalle gunned the engine and drove over Johnson, hitting her and dragging her 10 feet as he sped away. Lasalle told police he had drank a half-liter of vodka before driving to Sam’s Club. He also admitted that he knew he had hit someone and was required to stop. However, he told officials that because he was drunk, it affected his decision to leave the scene.

Both articles have completely different angles on this story. The Star Tribune articles is completely on the incident. They have reports and interviews from the police and that is it. The article gives more background information on LuAnn Johnson, who was killed. Overall, both angles are effective ones that gives the reader a good account of what took place.

December 7, 2008

Shattuck Teacher Shoots Himself

Friday night, Shattuck St. Mary's teacher Len Jones, 34, shot and killed himself in his faculty apartment around 9 PM. No one witnessed the shooting, but several boys in grades seven through nine were in the residence hall and heard the shot. They were quickly taken to another area of the school as adults rushed to help Jones

According to the Star Tribune article, Jones was a well-liked history teacher and lacrosse coach who "brought a Southern flair" to things. He wore loafers without socks well into winter and bow ties to class. He also had good rapport with the students, Amy Wolf, a spokeswoman for the school of about 400 middle- and high school students.

According to the article, Jones immediately instituted his southern flair on things when he came to the school about six years ago from South Carolina.

Both articles give a good depiction of what took place. However, the article was only a few grafs long. It was just a brief summary of what took place and a statement from the school. The Star Tribune article was much more in-depth. It talked about Jones and how good of a teacher he was and how much of a shock this was from the school and everyone else who knew Jones.

Overall, the Star Tribune article was a much better article.

November 29, 2008

Same Offense, Different Result

A man shot and killed by Brooklyn Park police Tuesday night had been threatening his live-in girlfriend, who had locked herself in the bathroom with a phone and was calling for help. Eric Kirk Kolski, 45, was shot twice by two officers shortly before 7 p.m. at his home in the 10600 block of Winnetka Avenue N in the northern part of Brooklyn Park.

According to the Star Tribune article, this was not the first time that police have had to come to the house to answer a call from Kolski's long-time girlfriend on domestic charges. The couple has owned the home since 1988. In that time, Kolski had been arrested three times for domestic assault. The most recent case had a pending court date next month.

According to the article, Kolski's girlfriend had locked herself in the bathroom, and after several minutes of negotiations police officers forced entry into the home when she called authorities back and said the man was trying to get in the bathroom with the gun. Shortly after is when Kolski was shot twice by the police and was killed.

Both articles are very similar. They even share many of the same quotes from the Brooklyn Park police. Along with sharing the quotes, many of the vital facts of what took place are very similar. Overall, both are good articles

November 23, 2008

North Hennepin Professor Names Prof of the Year

Eugenia Paulus, professor of chemistry at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, Minn., was named the 2008 Outstanding Community Colleges Professor of the Year. Paulus was presented with the award during a ceremony Thursday in Washington.

According to the ASribe article, Paulus elected to teach at a community college so she could "make a difference at a place where everyone is welcome." The article then goes on to say that Paulus has challenged students to reach their fullest potential, advocating the use of scientific principles to help solve everyday problems. Her commitment to their success led her to develop a "Web-based, step-by-step tutorial" after she realized that many of her students lacked hands-on laboratory skills. And after conducting research showing that local employers needed working students to be proficient in certain laboratory techniques, she developed an industry skills course and helped raise $65,000 for the equipment needed to teach it.

According to the Star Tribune article, Paulus, who has taught at the Brooklyn Park campus for the past eight years, is the first professor from Minnesota to win the national award recognizing professors for excellence in undergraduate teaching and mentoring, and for dedication to their fields and profession.

Both articles take completely different angles on this story. The AScribe article talks about all of the different winners individually, not taking too much time for any one winner. The Star Tribune article is more of an in-depth personal piece on Paulus herself and great things she has done during her teaching years.

Overall, the Star Tribune article is more along the lines of what we would do in this class. The AScribe article just mentions everyone, not really ever doing too much analysis of the the people.

November 16, 2008

High School Killed by Friend on Accident

Friday night, Fridley High School football star, Emmanuel Bartuoh was shot and killed on an accidental shooting in his house. Bartuoh's friend, Samuel Keleih Dennis, a 20-year-old graduate of Fridley High, was booked into the Anoka County Jail on suspicion of second-degree manslaughter after he pointed a semi-automatic gun he didn't know was loaded at his friend, Bartuoh, and pulled the trigger, authorities said.

According to the article, Dennis was unframiliar on how to operate the semi-automatic gun. At some point, Dennis pulled out a gun and showed it to Bartuoh. Unfamiliar with how to operate a semi-automatic, he pulled the slide back, ejecting a round, authorities said. He mistakenly thought the firearm was unloaded. He then pointed the gun at Bartuoh and pulled the trigger.

According to the Star Tribune article, when police and paramedics arrived at the Rice Creek Townhomes in Fridley on Friday, they found a sobbing and blood-soaked Samuel Keleih Dennis, 20, who said he had tried in vain to revive his longtime friend after pulling the trigger on a gun he thought was unloaded.

Both articles are good ones that are full of similar facts to tell the story of what exactly happened. Both articles included necessary facts, such as what happened, what the scene was like when officials arrived, and background information on Bartuoh. Overll, they were both very good articles.

November 8, 2008

Coleman-Franken Recount Needed

The 2008 Minnesota Senate race is the closest in the entire country. Returning Republican Norm Coleman and challenging Democrat Al Franken have needed to take this neck-and-neck race to a recount.

According to the article, Coleman's lead over Franken was down to less than 800 votes after having counted 99 percent of the Minnesotan ballots. This would shape out to be the closest margin of victory ever for a senate race in the United States.

Under Minnesota's law, there is an automatic recount that needs to take place once all of the ballots have been counted because of the race being so close.

According to the Star Tribune article, the official recount will not start until November 18 when all of the ballots will have officially counted. This could lead to a winner not being known until as late as December.

The article is much more biased. It is obviously a right-wing biased article that throws in many slanderous claims about Franken without really ever backing them up. The article gives off the gist that Franken should just give in to Coleman winning already, even though under law, a recount is needed.

The Star Tribune article is much more fair. The article takes both sides of the story by getting quotes from both Coleman's and Franken's representatives views. Also, there are a lot of good statistics that help further the understanding of what actually needs to take place in the recount and exactly how rare that a senate race is this close.

Overall, the Star Tribune article is a much more unbiased article and does not sway the reader one way or another, which is a main goal when writing a journalistic piece.

October 30, 2008

Move Over Mayo Clinic, Here Come the Gophs!

On Tuesday, the University of Minnesota set a new world record for giving out the most flu vaccinations in one day. The previous record, which was only recorded a week earlier, was held by the world famous hospital, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The old mark was 7,401. The U of M topped that with a record-breaking number of 11,538, according to the article.

According to the Minnesota Public Radio article, the Mayo Clinic had not even been inserted into the Guinness Book of World Records yet before the U of M knocked it back down. The previous world record holder was a hospital in Florida that recorded 3,271 flu vaccinations.

The Minnesota Public Radio article was just a brief one. It gave the background information of what was taking place during the event. The major issue with this article is that it didn't have any finalized totals on the number of vaccinations given out. It only had a total up through 4:30 PM when the event went until 5 PM.

The article was much more in-depth. It too gave the background information but went even further in the process. The article gave finalized statistics and quotes from staff and students that were involved with this event. Overall, this was a much better article.

October 25, 2008

Man Guilty of Murdering Ex-Gilfriend

Jurors on Friday convicted Zachery Otis Matthews of murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Kristine Catheryn Larson. According to the Twin article, the jury found him guilty of two counts of first-degree murder, one count of second-degree murder and one count of interference with a dead body.

The Twin article later went on to say that Matthews murdered Larson after hitting her and knocking her unconscious. He then used a shoelace to strangle her. Matthews was believed to have been upset because Larson was late picking him up to go Christmas shopping for their 2-year-old son.

According to the Star Tribune article, Matthews was believed to be so upset because Larson had broken up with him and was together with another man. When Larson arrived to pick up Matthews to go shopping for their son, he was so upset about her being with another man that he hit her and then straggled her right in front of their son. Now, their son is having night terrors and saying such things as "Momma sad, Dada bad."

Both articles are good background articles full of quotes and opinions from Larson's family members. The thing that separates the two articles is the angle that each took.

The Twin article is simply informing the reader of what took place in the case and the details of the story. The Star Tribune article goes on to take the angle that Larson's mother is now speaking out about being in an abusive relationship, which her daughter was believed to be in with Matthews.

The Star Tribune article is full of quotes and comments from Larson's mother on how to get out of abusive relationships and who to let know if you are experiencing one. The article gives off an educational message, which is interesting to see in a news article because usually they are just straight facts on what took place.

October 19, 2008

Dubay Arrested

Local radio station host, Jeff Dubay of KFAN (1130 AM), was arrested Wednesday night for suspicion of possessing a controlled substance. The possession of a controlled substance is a felony. Dubay, 36, was arrested in Maplewood at about 10 P.M. and was taken to the Ramsey County Jail, according to the Pioneer Press article.

Dubay was later released that night and has yet been charged. The case is still being completely investigated, according to the Star Tribune article.

The Star Tribune article also states that because the case is still under investigation, the reason of why Dubay was pulled over or what drug may be involved was released. The police hope to end the investigation by next week.

Dubay is the co-host of the sports radio talk show PA and Dubay where he works with PaulAllen. He is also co-hosts the Vikings post game shows on KFAN and is also an on-air commentator for the men's Gopher hockey games for FSN.

The Pioneer Press article is short. It doesn't really give any information except for the general idea of what took place. If you as a reader didn't know who Jeff Dubay was, you still wouldn't after reading this article.

The Star Tribune article is much more in-depth. It gave a run down of exactly what happened, what the police were planning on doing next, who Dubay is, where he works, etc. Overall, the Star Tribune piece was much better.

October 12, 2008

St. Paul Man to Sue Police

A St. Paul activist, who's duplex was raided prior to the Republican National Convention, is filing a federal lawsuit against the city of St. Paul.

Mike Whalen, a 60-year-old owner of the duplex that was raided, claimed that the police came to his duplex with weapons and completely surrounded the premises and ordered the occupants to let them in, according to the Pioneer Press article.

According to the Star Tribune article, the police just waited around the property while waiting for a search warrant to be delivered. When the search warrant finally arrived, the occupants of the duplex were all handcuffed and taken into the backyard.

While the occupants were in the backyard, the police searched the house for explosives that were supposedly delivered in boxes. According to the Pioneer Press article, the boxes ended up being filled with vegan literature.

Both the Pioneer Press article and the Star Tribune article are solid background pieces. Each have information in it that lets the reader understand what is taking place and why it is happening. Both stories include different information, however, that gives you different facts about what is taking place. For instance, the Star Trib talks about how much Whalen is suing the city for while the Pioneer Press keeps that out. The Pioneer Press talks about how Whalen wasn't the probable suspect and that a group staying in his other part of the duplex was. Both have good background information, but both could be better if they would include all of the information of the story.

October 5, 2008

Man Fleeing Robber Hit By Car

A homeless man was hit by a car and killed on Thursday morning after fleeing from a robber. A robber approached Zachary Taylor and Taylor's female friend on a corner and started a conversation with the two. The robber then pulled a knife on the two and Taylor ran into the street and was hit by a car. He later died at the Hennepin County Medical Center, according to the Pioneer Press article.

According to the Star Tribune article, the driver who hit Taylor is not expected to be charged.

The Pioneer Press article is a quick article that was added as soon as information was found out on the incident. At the time it was released, Taylor wasn't even identified as the person who was killed. It just gives the most recent facts at the time of its release.

The Star Tribune article is more in-depth. It gives personal information about Taylor and actually got a couple quotes from Taylor's friends about how he was a good guy. The article also went into why Taylor was homeless and other information that intrigued the reader. It made it more of a story out of just one incident.

September 28, 2008

Feds Investigate Petters Group

On Wednesday, Federal investigators searched the headquarters of Petters Group Worldwide according to the International Herald Tribune article. IHT went on to say that the FBI, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the IRS criminal investigative division and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service all took part in the investigation.

Petters Group Worldwide is an investing company located in Minnetonka, Minn., a southern suburb of the Twin Cities. According to the Star Tribune article, the reason that the company is being investigated by the government is for a multi-billion dollar fraud scheme that "lured investors with empty promises."

The company is named after its founder and chairman Tom Petters.

The International Herald Tribune article is short and to the point. They get the facts out there about what is going on and why the Feds are investigating.

The Star Tribune article is more in-depth on the piece. It goes into specifically why the company is being investigated. The article gives out exact numbers of how much is actually being consider fraud and possible explanations of why Petters would go about this. Sure, it may have a little more personal opinion in it, but it seems to be an editorial, so the opinion is acceptable as long as it doesn't take away from the story.

September 21, 2008

McCain-Palin Come to Blaine

Republican Presidential nominee John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin continued their campaign tour in Blaine, Minn. at the hangar at the Anoka County-Blaine Airport.

According to the article, over 13,000 people showed up for the event.

The article then went on to talk about the reactions of the people who came out to see and hear the candidates. It talked about how it was very hard to hear so some people left early while others stayed and enjoyed the "enthusiasm" and the positive atmosphere.

The Star Tribune article went into more depth of exactly what the two candidates spoke about instead of just getting the reactions of the crowd. The article also talked about how the two were trying to target key voter groups for the upcoming election. For instance, the article talked about the importance of women and independent, middle-class voters and their support.

The Star Tribune article goes more in-depth about the event and doesn't give any bias towards either side. The article isn't biased, either, but it would have been nice to have more information on exactly the candidates were speaking about.

September 14, 2008

New I-35W Bridge to Open this Week

The re-opening of the Interstate 35W bridge will happen sometime this upcoming week. The bridge collapsed August 1st, 2007 and left 13 dead. It has been closed off for transportation since then.

According to both the and the Star Tribune articles, the bridge could open up as soon as Tuesday.

The Star Tribune article went on to talk about possible problems with traffic and people changing their routes of transportation now that the bridge will be open once again. The article did not go into any depth of what could happen with traffic or other potential problems with the opening of the new bridge.

The Star Tribune article also talked about how "hot spots created by the detours should ease" now that the bridge will be open. The article also talks about how they are uncertain of how much traffic will actually be seen on the I-35W bridge because gas prices have risen quite a bit since August of 2007 and less people are driving, or people have found new routes to their destinations and may like their particular route better than their old one of going across the old bridge.

The article is very short and doesn't give much information about other things that are involved with the opening of the new bridge while the Star Tribune article has other aspects of the re-opening of the I-35W bridge peppered throughout the article. article:

Star Tribune article: