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Students from all over the world sat at the dinner tables in the Kirby Ballroom last Friday night, where they

ate food together, and watched as students entertained them. Susanna Pelayo- Woodward, a professor at UMD,

attends the event every year with her family. Her sons wouldn't miss it. They love the food, as well as the music

and dancing. "In 1985, I was a member of the International Club." It gave me the opportunity to meet many students

from other countries and participate in social events." said Woodward, who is originally from Mexico City.

Nigerian born student, Chrs Odemenem, has been involved with the International Club for two years; he

was pleased with the turn-out for the event. "This year, the tickets were sold out is less than two days" said

Odemenem. He encourages students to attend the meetings of the International Club, which are held every other

Wednesday night. "It's a great way to meet people" said Odemenem.

When the dinner was over, the music and dancing began. The programs ranged from classical music to a

children's folk dance by Swedish students. There were fifteen musical numbers, and a DJ.