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April 7, 2006

Duluth Council Meeting

The Kozy Bar has a new owner. The Duluth City Council voted last night to transfer the liquor license from the previous owner Paul King to Eric Ringsred.
Crime and the number of police calls to the Kozy bar were a factor in this decision.
Councilman Greg Gilbert said the Kozy bar license was the most important issue of the evening.
"It's not just about the license anymore, it's about the crime in the city of Duluth, whether it should be dispersed or contained in one area," Gilbert said.
Many of the City Council members said that Ringsred should be given a chance to improve the bar.
Council members also agreed that Ringsred would need a plan to protect his business and clientele from the same types of problems it faces now.

Ringsred said that he has a plan to eliminate 911 calls. He will give his residents and clients a probationary period where they will only be allowed one disturbance, one 911 call. Ringsred also said some rennovations will be made to the exterior of the building.
The Kozy liquor license will come up for review at the end June. Ringsred said "I feel like a condemned man with a two month stay of execution."
He further explained that he feels the city will expect him to clean up the problem of crime before the license comes up for review." "I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into," said Ringred, "but I like a challenge."