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Presentation §tyles

blog prompt 6:
look for and document some examples of presentation/documentation styles that your term project may take as inspiration. Good Resources include: CMYK (Magazine), PRINT (Magazine), Graphis (Magazine), Core77 (Blog)

A lesson every architecture student should learn: Presentation is important. (Is this blog hypocritical?) If your idea is under par, but your presentation is organized, sharp, intriguing, and somewhat beguiling--your idea will pass off as being bonafide. (However, usually it's the other way around: no matter how good a designer you are, without a good presentation skills, nobody will ever know.) In searching for different presentation styles for my project, I found it helpful to look the different ways that people present themselves: fashion. We are communicating a lot about ourselves without even realizing it. How does what I wear affect others' perceptions of me? Who am I offending? Who am I attracting? Who am I repelling? Whose opinion matters of their first impression of me? There are many ways to present yourself, as there are many ways to present a project:





FLASHY--Glitter is a flashy addition to ANY project.



I liked http://www.graphis.com/ the best because it held onto my interest.