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November 24, 2008

Push it

Second Final Cut Pro project
Featuring Andy Velez, Brian Larson, Noah Lorsung and Tim Krause
Song: Rick Ross - Push It

Second project

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First project

Photoshop project

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Wang Qing Song Response

This is a response to an artist we learned about in class.

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Wang Qing Song

Noah Lorsung

When looking at Qing Song's work, I was more drawn to his earlier oil paintings. The paintings shown on the website, which were dated from 1995-97, mainly consisted of the subject being suffocated in a plastic bag of some sort. I thought that the multiple depictions of the one thing was a cool idea, and reminded me of photography and the ability to capture multiple shots in a quick sequence. The photo projects that he has on the website are also interesting to me, especially the amount of detail that he puts into making the picture feel like the real thing. All of his art is interesting to a point, but there is a certain repetition throughout the work that brings it down slightly. However, it is almost impossible to get the right feeling off of a piece that you are viewing on the internet rather than in person.