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January 30, 2006

First Things First


my thoughts:

Hearing about the graphic designer's manifesto, when presented in class, was kind of exciting for me, because it made me feel like what I was doing with my major might mean something more and that it wasn't just something totally made up when I came into the design program.

Reading this manifesto, I feel like I have a better understanding of how people who may not know what graphic designers do with their talents, which is why the manifesto may have been written in the first place. I do agree that "there are pursuits more worthy of our skills" to be used upon, but I also feel that it depends on the who the person may be. For myself, I want to apply my skills within the advertising world for people to look at and hopefully it'll make a difference. As an overall reaction to this assignment, I would say that I had fun with it, maybe that's why my design of the manifesto isn't created towards what the meaning of the manifesto itself, but to what I wanted to design for myself.

We critique the designer's manifesto in class and students gave their inputs on what can make it look better, so now here's the final and revised version of the First Things First: graphic designer's manifesto: