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Green Design Research

In the process of ordering some sample papers, I came across some interesting facts about how I can support and promote eco-friendly materials. First, I should choose products/packaging that use recycle materials, second, buy locally, because the products they sell probably didn't travel too far meaning less fuel, also meaning less polution, and third, don't encourage manufacturers that don't use eco-friendly materials. I guess that I never really looked at what I buy usually, but now after doing some research, I feel that maybe I should start looking for eco-friendly materials and that way I can become an active citizen.

To incorporate some eco-friendly ideas into my box project: my sewing aid kit, I'm thinking of using tree-free papers for my booklet, finding old buttons that people don't want anymore and put it into the kit, old patches or swatches of cloth, and spools of unwanted threads. For now that's kind of the basic idea that I'm sticking with. I plan to keep researching and ordering samples so that I can know more about what it really means to be eco-friendly.