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Greenman Festival


For the client assignment, I've chosen to take part in the Greenman Festival project. I chose to take part in this, because it sounds like a fun client to work for.

This group project consisted of eight classmates. On the first day when we recieved this project, we brain storm about what we were going to make for this client. Shannon the leader of the group and was the only person who contacted the Greenman Festival creators. We all were anticipated to meet with our client and start working on the project. But we ran into many disappointments. Our first meeting with our client wasn't successful, because we were unable to meet up as we had planned. When we had presented our sketches to the clients, they were glad to see that we had so many ideas put down for the festival, but they had already chosen someone else to do the advertisement for them. We thought that maybe if they couldn't use our ideas, maybe we can collaborate and help out with the one that was already chosen. As it turned out, the image that was going to be used wasn't what everyone in the group expected it to be. With disatisfaction, we decided that individually, we will come up with three of our own ideas and use that whether the clients use it or not.

I felt at times that working for the client was pointless. It made things hard for me, because I felt that as a group we weren't able to come together and design ONE poster, flyer, postcard, etc. for the project and instead ended up with individual works. I don't really have much to say, but that this project, even though much wasn't been done, was probably the hardest, because there was a lot of miscommunication and not enough time spent together as a group to make the project more whole.