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Reality Branding

"Reality branding is relevant. It doesn't decide what it wants to sell, what it wants to do, and what it wants to say, then force people to swallow it. It finds out what is really needed, what is really at stake, and answers that need (even if the need is kind of dumb)."

When I read this chapter about reality branding I wasn't quite sure what "reality branding" was about. I quote that paragraph above from the chapter, because it gives a good explanatory statement of what reality branding is about.

I think that Nancy Bernard, who wrote on reality branding, brings out some good points about graphic designers and what we do. She says that "design is at the bottom of the capitalist food chain." Hearing that makes me wonder if what I'm doing will become beneficial for me later on, but then as I continue to read on she brings up her do-what-you-can-with-what-you-have manifesto. With that I came to realize that this is what I like to do and if I'm willing to except that fact that we may be at the bottom of the capitalist food chain, we CAN still make a difference.

I think that's how reality branding comes into play in designing and my morals. Reality branding is about committing "yourself to seek the truth, illuminate it with decent ethical standards, and advocate it." Overall, this chapter became informative for me and made me realized about how designing can become something bad or good depending on what we make it to be.