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Enger Tower Project

Teammates: Maria Heartel, Maria L., Kabao Lor

Location: Enger Tower Park

1. Describe your brainstorming and ideation process:

Each person from the group went to the location on different days and took different pictures of the
place trying to capture 'spring'. We thought the best way to show the whole park would be through
the Enger Tower. We wanted the photographs to come out more and so we decided to draw the
tower out of charcoal. To unite the whole image together we printed the flowers and buds on the
same type of paper that we drew the tower on.

2. Describe how you worked as a team and divided the tasks of typography, photography and illustration:

Maria Heartel did typography, Maria L. did photography, and I did the illustration, but in the end of
the project we all came together and worked on it together.

3. Describe problems that came up as you worked with the physical qualities of materials and size...
How did your team solve these issues?

The only problem that kept coming up a lot was the glue issue. The flowers and photographs
wouldn't stay down and so we kept using glue stick, elmer's glue, and then finally super glue
whiched worked.

4. Reflect on how the diverse design elements work together and create unity in the final piece:

To start out, the illustration of the tower is from charcoal, the photographs are printed on heavy
matte photograph paper, and the flowers are printed on the same paper as the illustration. To help
unify this, we marked some charcoal on the photographs and around the flowers so that it would
pop out more and relate all together.

5. In what ways does your design generate visual or conceptual surprise?

I think that when you look at the tower in charcoal, you would expect to see the inside of the tower,
but instead you're looking from the inside view of the different levels of the park.

6. How does your work represent impeccable craftsmanship?

The Enger Tower project overall shows a lot of hand drawn instead of digital work and because of
that it makes the whole thing work together.